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9 months ago

Episode 74: FWNFTs

2 years ago

5 Grams of Iron - Episode 32: Wife Guy Draft

[closing my eyes on a train] Well, I guess the real friends were the Fullmetal Alchemists we made along the way. In this Jumbo Size Spicy Big Finale, we tackle all of the important themes, blunders, goofs, japes, and cool friends we've come to know...

2 years ago

5 Grams of Iron - Episode 31: Have A Great Summer!

ONE BAD GLOOP, AND SHE DO WHAT I YOINKY Two big splurgs and a big ass Gloopy Three more yoinks then buy me a smoothie Poured up a gloop, that's a gloop and a splurgy Send questions in to @youlovetohearit on Twitter! Our Patreon page: Join our...

2 years ago

5 Grams of Iron - Episode 30: Like It, Love It, Gotta Havoc

We're reaching the climax of the series, and the stakes have never been higher. With this in mind, we spend lots of time talking about an Increasingly Elaborate Goodnight Routine, the RBG Pushup Memorial, and some of our favorite names of the fall...

2 years ago

5 Grams of Iron - Episode 29: Mr. Sig, I Don't Feel So Good

Is anyone else starting to believe that Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood might be...good? At this point, we really can't blame you if you watch ahead. Just let us know if Buccaneer is still dying in episode 64. Send questions in to @youlovetohearit on...